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Conceptual specifications Characteristics and challenges for the contemporary family The sample design The measuring instruments The right to housing Number of rooms per person, agglomeration level History, customs, traditions, festivities in the countryside Family size and structure The economic elvețiană anti aging industry monthly Subjective appreciation of real and necessary income for a decent living The family income profile by a latent class analysis Start of sex life, sexual rights, attachment and gender differences The first sexual intercourse Knowing the partner and protection during first intercourse Religious affiliation, church attendance Sexual behavior and religious affiliation Marriage in different societies Age at first marriage Knowing the partner before marriage, partnership or a stable relationship Motivation for elvețiană anti aging industry monthly Marriage and Wedding Demographic elvețiană anti aging industry monthly Fertility and the variables that influence it Procreation, church, cultural conceptions Prognosis and birth rate recovery measures Age at the birth of the first child Number of births, motivation for human reproduction Culture, environment, biology and personality Parental control Education and parental control via a latent class analysis Leisure activities Intergenerational support in the studied sample Relationships within the family of origin, family environment, conceptual specifications Relationships within the family of origin, family environment in the studied sample Relationship with parents and family perception via latent class analysis Analysis of the family types according to the Circumplex Model Cohesion, flexibility and communication through focus group interviews II ADDENDA Acknowledgements Writing this book was possible due to the obtaining of a postdoctoral scholarship, earned following an official contest, for the project: Identitary values of the contemporary Romanian family in the framework of the globalization.

An anthropological approach.

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The process of researching and documenting required by my project, Identitary values of the contemporary Romanian family in the framework of the globalization. An anthropological approach started in April and lasted for 2 years.

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I wish to express my gratitudes to the coordinator expert, Prof. I would also wish to express my appreciation to Dr. Rainerwho offered me her guidance whenever it was possible, as well as a positive working environment.

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My special thanks and gratitude to Prof. Gheorghiță Geană for his observations, advice as well as for helping me reposition myself when I had lost my courage. I owe my gratitude to Vendula Rozkosna and the U Stare Pani Hotel and Křesťanský Domov Mládeže Hotel employees who have offered their support in my field activity by administering the questionnaires.

Due to the kindness of Rector Prof.

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Pasqua Tamponi, the Head of the International Relationship Bureau and Alessandra Fraschini welcomed me with warmth being very friendly. I wish to express my thanks and gratitude to all these and to those still unmentioned here for ensuring such a pleasant and interactive working environment.

For the administration of the questionnaires in Rome and Taranto I had the solid help of Elvețiană anti aging industry monthly.

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Antonio Panico, Prof. Nicoleta Neşu, at the La Sapienza University. For this, I wish to express my thanks to them.

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I consider it appropriate to thank Director Prof. Mihai Bărbulescu from the Accademia di Romania and Mr. George Teseleanu, Honorific Consul of Romania at Ancona, for all his support and suggestions offered me during my staying in Rome. I wish to thank the men and women who, by their participation, have brought their contribution to the knowledge of family related norms and values. The major difference between the family and other social groups resides in the fact elvețiană anti aging industry monthly it is a primary group, with direct relationships, in which each member represents a purpose for each other member, while family life is central to all.

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No other group fosters such psychological relationships, in which the culture of the family becomes the culture of each particular member, an aspect which has advantages and disadvantages alike, since each situation, positive or negative, is reflected on the individual. Values, as ideas about that which can be important in life, are formed first within the micro social environment of the family.

Values, as expectations of human behavior in various situations, guide culture and norms. There is a Romania of the great university centers, and a Romania of the small towns.

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There is an urban Romania, and a rural one. In each of these Romaniasfamilies describe themselves and are perceived differently.

The family represents a small universe of cultural identity, which in the context of the globalization, naturally tends to react towards preserving the identity. Phenomena such as family migration in the free labor market or marriage internationalization imply the triggering of mechanisms for the psychosocial understanding and adaptation to new contexts. The pessimist explanatory style, based on a series of beliefs inoculated early on within the family, may be the premise for the onset of depression and of primitive defense mechanisms of the Self, such as denial, somatization, idealization, regression etc.

The family can contribute to the teaching of positive habits, for individual and social benefit. In a balanced family, the bases for mature coping mechanisms of the Self may be set, such as humor, repression, asceticism, altruism, anticipation and sublimation Seligman M.

Experiences during childhood have a crucial role in building the adult personality. The DNA is both inherited and dependent on the environment, as genes are in constant interaction with the environment.


Interpreting the nature of the attachment relationship with the caretaker leads to certain processes of representation of the Self and of the other.

An autonomous child will not feel at ease next to a dominating mother.

Artefacte din bronz Arme din bronz Epoca bronzului este o parte a sistemului celor trei epoci, urmând epocii neoliticului. Materialul rezultat este mai greu și mai durabil decât oricare dintre metalele originale și este mai ușor să de topit.

A traumatic interpretation of the environment can have long term pathogenic effects. Sandler J. Glen, Vulnerability emerges more often as a weakening acting field for present or previously active risk factors Montreuil M. The exosystem, which is comprised of the social structures in which families and individuals reside, such as: schools, places of worship, services, workplaces; 3. The ontogenetic level, which refers to individual factors which can act on the developmental processes affect regularization, attachment processes, the development of the autonomous self, relationships with peers, school environment adaptationduring each stage of their evolution Cicchetti D.

As a result, the concept of risk requires an ecological approach, taking into account all of the environmental levels, while considering the reciprocal influences of these levels in a transactional manner.

The bases of culture in its widest sense — as a way of life shared by a group, including practices and knowledge, competences and values which have special significance within the group — are firstly acquired in the family. The functions of the family — characteristics and challenges for the contemporary family Like any institution, the family institution fulfills a series of functions: I. External functions, which provide the group members with socialization and adequate integration into social life.

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Voinea M. The functions of the family reflect the cultural, biological and psychological aspects, the boundaries between them being almost imperceptible. Internal and external factors have led to a change in family structure and functions. In the modern times, the importance of the family towards the realization of traditional functions has decreased.

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Here are some examples. The family has become more of an economic consumer than a producer.

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In traditional societies, the family was a primary economic unit. The role of the family in realizing the traditional economic function has diminished in modern times, except in certain fields such as agriculture — for example, in the case of farmers in the United States or in China, where family still plays an important role.

However, family members are employed, have jobs or benefit from allowances etc. Childcare is done predominantly in the exterior, in maternities, nurseries, kindergartens.


The care of very elderly persons, sick, with mental and physical disabilities, has also moved to external institutions. The modern family devotes attention to socializing the child throughout her life. Young adults prefer to settle down in their own house, in order to live an independent life.

Religious practices have become less important, so that, from this secular perspective, the religious function of the family has lost in importance.

Although going to church every Sunday with the entire family is no longer practiced, although Easter and Christmas have become more secular than religious, although baptism and the religious wedding have become less important, we can still see numerous families which enjoy these events together, in church. Crema de ochi antirid, fun, which took place primarily within the family, as a way of manifesting and conserving family cohesion, have been taken over by external agents such as: movie theaters, theaters, museums, parks, clubs, various organizations etc.

However, we can often see couples with or without children in these places, spending leisure time together and unwinding. Family members have fun together during vacations or on special occasions — such as weddings, balsam de buze nivea and trips.

The family has not lost its functions, it has merely modified the ways they are undertaken and expressed, remaining one of the most important social institutions.

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The postmodern family changed as well, as a consequence of contemporary circumstances. The family is the primary model in the order of influences, having decisive effects on children regarding behavior, relation to social norms and values, the formation of conceptions on life and the world.

The bases for fundamental relationships, such as subordinate, complementary and reciprocal, are built in the family. There is a tendency for spontaneous imitation and uncritical adoption of behavioral models, which is why the quality of the offered model is of the convenția anti-îmbătrânire 2022 importance.

Do people still have the availability to get invested in a marriage, to invest time and their financial and emotional resources in this institution? The determination of these age limits was done by taking into account the age of adulthood and the average lifespan on an national level in the yearwhich was Stratified random sampling was used. Prior to the random selection, we divided the population into equally distributed strata, based on residence environments, sexes, age groups and education levels.

Thus, we insured the proportional representation of different population strata.