Anti-îmbătrânirea alimentează boom-ul produselor cosmeceutice.

The Big Data by its very definition requires big space to house it, which implies continuous costs, besides the two obvious uses for big data — keeping personal history, and selling it to the others, companies started to look for more ways to generate sales form the big data.

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In short the Big Data became the place where Big Money, are looking to make really big money, and are pouring pretty big money into predictive analysis, real-time trending, personal behavioral patterns, and computer statistical learning. Save for the Federal Government the biggest big data company is Google, because the simple analogy of what people clicked more, and more and more they could predict that the first 10 returns of the Google search will have exactly what you need, that is if you know how to ask.

Later they solved the problem by predicting 5 versions of what you are about to ask.

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And while it is psychologically depressing, it is indeed extremely convenient. Forget the matchmakers and love potions, other companies analyzing Big Data predict many wonderful things Facebook can tell you which of the girls you know are in the right mood to say yes, and the Amazon acquired Autonomy and now can tell what the three things people bought for their girl that said yes.

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Target can tell you when your girl that said yes is pregnant, and the bank will be happy to open a college savings account for you nine month from tomorrow. Anti-îmbătrânirea alimentează boom-ul produselor cosmeceutice the meantime some obscure program, after analyzing hundreds of thousands of cases will tell the defense attorney how you will vote in a jury trial, in a case that involves the robbery of the very bank that will open for you the aforementioned college savings account, based on simple fact that you wore a blue tie today.

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