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Descriere Detalii despre produs Ingrediente Etichete Reviews Descriere The intensive anti-aging complexion care program is designed as a 7-vial kit, specific to the particular routine of every day of the week, each one offering the benefits of one type of skincare action.

Active ingredient: Matrixyl synthe'6 increases the density of the dermis and its firmness. Aquaxyl is an exceptional moisturizing ingredient, it improves the barrier function of the skin.

Complex of collagen and elastin of marine origin and liposomes with hyaluronic acid, active principles that restore the extracellular matrix cele mai bune suplimente anti-îmbătrânire pentru femei improve elasticity and firmness.

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Vitamins A, E, C neutralize the harmful effects of free radicals. Oxygenation: Provides the necessary energy for the skin in accordance with its own needs and pace throughout the day, it stimulates resistance to UV radiation stress, accelerates skin cell renewal. AHA Exfoliation: Provides gentle exfoliation, skin regeneration from depth to the surface, effective hydration.

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By mutual intensification of the active principles lasting anti-wrinkle effects are obtained. Lifting: The lifting vials contain a complex of marine origin collagen and elastin and liposomes with hyaluronic acid, active ingredients that restore the extracellular matrix and improve elasticity and firmness.

Vitamin booster: The vitamin booster is a vitamin E, Recenzii vioice ser anti-îmbătrânire and C cocktail which neutralizes the harmful effects of free radicals, with beneficial effects for regenerating the collagen and elastin fibers, hydration boost, skin texture, uniformity and brightness improvement. Directions for use: We recommend to use the Program at least once per month.

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Each vial shall be applied recenzii vioice ser anti-îmbătrânire the evening, preferably on the recommended day on your face, neck, décolletage and hands. Do not use more than one 7-vial kit per week!

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Empty one vial in your hand and apply gently massaging. Do not rinse.

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After the exfoliating treatment the Soothing protective cream will be applied. During the exfoliation treatment it is recommended to avoid sun exposure, use high UV protection sunscreen, avoid potentially sensitization cosmetics.

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It is recommended for the treatment to be done in less sunny seasons. To protect your hands, wrap the vial in a tissue before breaking. Avoid contact with your eyes!

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No parabens. Gerovital - Brand nr. Copyright ©The Nielsen Company About FARMEC Charm may be expressed in thousands of ways, it pushes through all the rules and it does not want to be defined as everyone finds his or her own meaning.

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From the fascination of a smile, of a glance, of a warm voice to a colour or a colour palette and an amalgam of perfumes. Ana Aslan creams and emulsions in Romania.

The products were addressed to women in their 40s, when the skin shows the first signs of ageing.

Recenzii Greenlouch e Porilor Corset Ser este cel mai bun porilor de strângere ser. Acest porilor de strângere ser este perfect pentru persoanele care au pori dilatati sau persoanele cu exces de sebum și aspectul uleios al pielii. Încercați să utilizați un por de strângere ser care are rezultate de durată, cu ingrediente naturale, cum ar fi extract de plante în Greenlouch exclusiv complexe, Serul este cea mai buna alegere pentru porilor de strângere!

Last generation ingredients are added to all these, tested and combined by our specialists so that you receive the best for your beauty and health.

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