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At Sucuri we clean hundreds of websites a day, many with the various security hardening configurations you find in various WordPress Security presentations. In this section, we add those that we feel to be most effective, and that complement the entire Sucuri suite of products.

What are the security notifications Having all these security features would be useless unless you were notified of the issues. This is why we have made available security alerts.

We have also expanded the various security related events, to provide website owners more flexibility in regards to what they want to know about. As a website owner, you have the option to make svn task anti aging security alerts as quiet or noisy as you would like.

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What is the website firewall premium This is by far the coolest security feature Sucuri has to offer everyday website owners. If you prefer to leverage the Sucuri Firewall product by itself, you have the option to operate the Website Firewall WordPress Security plugin in standalone mode.

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The Sucuri WordPress Security plugin is built by the team that is known for their proactive approach to security. Ce face acest modul în plus față de alte module de securitate?

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Câteva alte module de securitate oferă funcționalități de monitorizare a activității, dar puține dintre ele fac acest lucru bine. Monitorizarea activității în acest modul este una secundară, care leagă activitatea în Centru de operațiuni Sucuri Security SOC asigurându-se păstrarea ei în siguranță.

Acest modul de securitate are, de asemenea, o abordare diferită față de modulele de securitate, înlăturând ceea ce noi clasificăm ca funcționalități inutile pentru utilizatorul final al site-ului web de bază. Am restrâns funcționalitățile cheie pe care le-am considerat cele mai pertinente pentru orice proprietar de site și le-am integrat în acest modul.

Dacă instalez modulul Sucuri Security primesc un cont Sucuri? Nu, acesta este un modul gratuit pe care-l oferim fără costuri.

Nu înseamnă însă că obții un cont gratuit. Dacă am modulul premium, mai am nevoie de modulul gratuit? The premium plugin was deprecated back in All the major features were merged into the free plugin.

If you are still using the old premium plugin please consider deleting it and installing the new free plugin from the WordPress plugin market. Am nevoie în continuare de produse Sucuri dacă am acest modul? Acest modul completează setul de instrumente de securitate existente.

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Nu este proiectat pentru a înlocui Sucuri Website Security sau produsele Firewall. Unde pot obține suport pentru acest modul?

The best place is to engage us via the Support Forum. If you are a client, you can submit a ticket here. Este modulul tău în conflict cu WordFence?

Sucuri Security – audit, scanare malware și întărirea securității

The plugin does not, but there might be issues with our scanners. You would have to white list our IP address on the WordFence dashboard.

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What are the Remote Malware Scanner limitations? Because the security malware scanner is remote, it is unable to see things that are on the server but that are not displaying on the browser.

If you are interested in this, we encourage you to subscribe to our website security product. This issues includes things like Phishing pages, Backdoors, Mailer Scripts, etc. Modulul tău nu a detectat acest malware? Acest lucru se întâmplă, cu referință la limitările scanerului la distanță de mai sus. Nu ar trebui să fie confundat cu produsul nostru Website AntiVirus.

Dacă ai un malware și ești un client, trimite un tichet pentru a te putea ajuta If you are not a client, and you want to share what you have found please send it to labs sucuri.

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Este gratuit pentru activarea opțiunii Website Firewall? Nu, nu este. Pentru activare, trebuie să te abonezi la serviciul Website Firewall.

Va influența acest modul performanța site-ului meu web? We improve the performance of the code with every release.

However, due to differences between hosting providers there are cases where the plugin may affect the responsiveness of the website upon installation. Jurnalele sunt stocate în baza mea de date? No, they svn task anti aging not. Sunt probleme la instalarea modulului tău în anumite servicii de găzduire? Din câte știm noi, nu.

Do I need this plugin to use the Website Firewall service? Nu, nu este necesar. Website Firewall rulează în nor fără nevoia de a fi ceva instalat. Acest modul ajută doar pentru a vedea și administra serviciul din panoul de control WordPress. What information does Sucuri collect? We take your privacy seriously. For free plugin users without an API key, no information is collected by Sucuri.

After activating an API key, Sucuri will store some information, such as logs. Please see our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Please email gdpr sucuri. Verificări Wipes your config thecyberquake 27 noiembrie Plugin has a bug that wipes your config roughly once a week if you enable certain settings The Automatic Secret Keys Updater is the main one.

Luckily I know what I am doing and keep backups, so I was able to recover fairly quickly. So if you want to have your wp-config. Otherwise, stay away, at least until they fix the bug. The plugin is otherwise fine, but this bug has been here for at least a couple months at this point, so I cannot recommend a plugin svn task anti aging this bad svn task anti aging a bug that they aren't fixing in a timely manner. The entire content of the site was almost completely erased, all my access has been denied, haven't got any chance even to restore anything.

I'm so angry I can't even type.

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Excellent plugin and support PaulaEder 18 noiembrie I've been using Sucuri for many years now and have found them to offer excellent protection, along with support that is WAY above the norm.

Though I'm not very technically savvy, their support team took time to suplimente anti-îmbătrânire 65 things and to offer helpful advice about how to improve security and speed.

In these days of malware, etc.

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I wouldn't be without Sucuri. And I have GREATLY appreciated their help on several occasions when there were malware or other issues that either took down my site or affected its speed and functionality. Great product and team! No support shanemarsh28 8 octombrie The developers appear to ignore all support requests on WordPress. We are not prepared to use a security plugin where users like ourselves are totally unsupported.

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Regardless of what it offers, you'll have to pay a fortune for most of the features and only the "firewall" seems useful. But this free version plugin can't help you.

La acest modul au contribuit următoarele persoane.

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