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XVI Vol. Juridical Series Phone: Cobadin, No. P14, sc. Introduction Organised crime, trans-national crime such as cyber-crime or money-laundering and the complex phenomenon of international terrorism specially after the 11th September attacks in New have posed new challenges to the criminal justice claessens kids switzel anti aging.

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These forms of criminality are conceived as global threats of historical dimensions1. Law enforcement agencies, in many cases are confronted to crimes that surpass the national boundaries, produce indiscriminate attacks and generate a feeling of insecurity that sometimes even reaches the state of a collective shock or at least emotional stress.

In those circumstances the demand for more safety increases and, as Andrew Ashworth said it, when facing situations that are perceived as threats against ones own existence, before such a relevant public interest, who cares about fundamental rights?

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Complutense University of Madrid, J. Professor Bachmaier Winter has been a Professor at the Faculty of Law at Complutense University sincewhere she has taught criminal procedure and claessens kids switzel anti aging procedure. She has written extensively on the subject of procedure.

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She has lectured in universities and governmental agencies in Europe and Latin America. Her comparative legal studies are focused on human rights and procedure, international judicial cooperation, comparative law and the EU process of legal harmonization.

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She has consulted for the Ministry of Justice of Spain. E-mail: l.

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The Hamlyn Lectures, London,specially pp. Criminal Prosecution or National Defence?

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The consequences fr democracies using emergency powers to fight terror, Westport, Juridical Series In this context, where law enforcement agencies and even part of the society demand more effective measures to combat criminal actions, the fundamental right of privacy may be severely affected5. If more repressive measures are admitted to be needed, then also more intrusive measures may be accepted, something which entails higher risks for the protection of human rights6.

Învă ământul românesc între tradi ie și modernitate - SIP Hunedoara

This paper tries to point out the main guidelines set up by the European Court of Human Rights in the protection of privacy within the criminal process. Through its case-law the ECHR has provided for a common standard of guarantees that have to be respected within the criminal proceeding. Although this doctrine has proved to be essential to a common understanding of fundamental rights and the principles of criminal justice and to the European integration, it still does not provide for a fixed set of rules that precisely define under which conditions can law enforcement authorities interfere within the right to privacy without violating Art.

Due to the state margin of appreciation doctrine, there is no common understanding of the concept of privacy which is probably right.

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On the other hand the proportionality test is only very seldom applied to criminal investigative measures regarding to privacy and the Court tends to check almost exclusively the legality and forseeability rule; and in those few cases when it has entered to counterbalance the right to privacy against the public interest or need in a democratic society, the right to privacy is not valued in a uniform manner, but according to the specific circumstances of each particular case.

It is clear that reasonable proportionality must exist between investigative restrictive measures and the seriousness of the crime investigated, but where are the limits?

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Should there be different rules when facing a certain type of criminality? We have considered worth addressing these issues as we do not have a common standard to assess when the proportionality requirement is met when intrusive measures are granted within a criminal investigation.

Sindicatul Învăământ Preuniversitar Judeul Hunedoara, coordonatorii simpozionului și coordonatoriiacestui volum nu își asumă responsabilitatea cu privire la coninutul lucrărilor, aceasta revenind autorilor. Gheorghe Bariiu, nr. Cuvânt înainteAcum trei ani, când a fost organizat pentru prima dată acest simpozion, școala românească avea, deja, laactiv un deceniu de reforme declarate. Nu suntem, astăzi, mai aproape cu nimic de finalizarea acestuidemers. Astfel,poate desemna un a ști să faci circumscris unei discipline efectuarea în scris a unei operaţii de adunare,construirea unui unghi drept cu ajutorul echerului etc.

New Challenges on the Right of Privacy If we have started this presentation addressing the reality of new forms of complex criminality like terrorism, it is not because this type of criminality can be considered as statistically relevant it is by far one of the less frequent criminal actions, but it is a good example that entails the three main risks for the protection of human rights and particularly for the right for privacy within the criminal investigation: 1 the existence of emotional stress; 2 the need fro pro-active action; 3 the definition of the fight against crime as a state of war7.

If we add the significant development of surveillance technologies and the possibility of collecting general information of potentially dangerous people sometime unrelated to the prosecution of any criminal offence, technologies that have led to the processing of huge new In fact it is unquestionably admitted that worldwide level of privacy have declined, especially in response to the terrorist threats, see, for example, J.

RULE and G. Opacity of the individual and transparency of power, in Privacy and the Criminal Law, E. Claes, A. Duffy, S. Gutwirth eds.

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Terrorismus im Jahrhundert, Berlinp. With regard to the topic of terrorism there is such an extensive literature that tackles this phenomenon from very different points of view, that makes it impossible to include a complete quotation here.

Some of the studies we have consulted are, M. While these measures and the use of technology facilitates considerably the law enforcement activities, it definitely pose a high risk on the respect to the private life of the citizens. Privacy is elusive in modern society and some losses occur out of choice.

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The conflict always present in the criminal law, as was already expressed by Ernst Beling8, between the respect for individual rights and the public interest to guarantee public security and efficiently prosecute the criminal offences, is particularly evident in the field of the criminal investigation and the adoption of intrusive measures restrictive of fundamental rights.